domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

Uma de duas

Propose to your girlfriend, your lover, your affair,  (and you, probably, will choose someone more than just a fuck – someone you connected with…)…, to meet, by the end of a day of work, at that coffee house that makes those delightful cheese-breads married with great cappuccino, where you, (like me) can ask a nice iced coffee.

And wait.
Not at the coffee house. For sure.
But, near.
At the surroundings. Some place you can watch her. Some place she´s not aware of you - and you will experience the most naive and lustful kind of voyeurism: observe this woman from a far.

Realize - while you find her out among ordinary people (ordinary for us: lovers, brothers, friends... of others) on the streets. How she firmly walks, yet, how her fit dressed with tenderness, steps at the concrete .How beautifully she moves: the way she held her bag. Her clothes. Her messy hair.
You: take her in.

Look while she answers the cell phone. Her smile. The wind, perfectly mixing the hair. The way her hand kindly remove the rebel hair from the eye. The way she stops. And wait. The way she finishes her call.

Pick your cell phone and call her. Watch while she looks to the small screen -the number-  and recognizes it.
With a little smiley

With your voice soaked  in admiration tell her how beautiful and charmful and sensual she is for walking – for smiling - for talking that way - only she possess.

Tell her the truth: you love that tight t-shirt and jeans; but that you also adore her skirts; her pajamas …And for sure, how you appreciate her nakedness.
And tell her from the heart.
And if you are in love, say it and mean it.
Just then, tell where you are… And wait.
Until, she finds you.
Watch her face, gests, her body while she s-e-a-r-c-h-s 
and recognizes you.
Observe while she meets your eyes and her smile grow wider and brighter…Satisfied - and how she blushes because she can see you are truly captured for her.
Take notice the way she wave you and pronounces “I love you” in silence, to your eyes and ears only, and If you sense she truly means it, be thankful.
Watch when she moves again.A whole scenario in her pace. The way her waist composes another rhythm, because, now, she in not only walking - she is meeting you.
Pay attention: her lips.
Keep smiling.
You can´t help smiling.
And recall everything else that makes you love or/and cherish and/or desire her.
Sense while feelings warm your heart up and turn your sex on.

...Let youself be into this state of sensing and capture it.

This trip, darling… This is something you pleasurably should allow yourself to do.

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